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 Author: rearnheart
PostPosted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 8:56 pm 
I can’t help thinking about the Gila. It’s right behind us and we are in the flight path in a big way; ‘roughly’ 20,000 over flights (give or take) in the not-to-distant future. So when I think of this, I imagine a sleek, deadly, elegant instrument of death costing roughly $50 million, if they're on sale. Once that first strike baby rolls out the hanger, it’s obsolete. Done. The tech has jumped way beyond the design and construction phase of the aircraft so, when it’s supposed to be wheels up, it might as well be a toaster.

I say this because somebody, somewhere, a fat nerd in a basement, a nation state, DPNK, Russia, or a rouge kook, has gotten a virus into that aircraft and it’s just waiting to be activated by, let’s say, altitude, by arming system, by O2 gauges…whatever.

So let’s say that aircraft is spewing chaff and sonic booming at various altitudes and speeds, just piddling round looking bad ass. And then, unexpected, close and loud, a blade comes loose in the engine or a gauge is lying to you or a redundant fuel whatever goes kaput and your nice shinny $50 million toy is converted into plumes of smoke, crackling body parts, and human ash. All because of some corrupted software

But that really doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is the subtle level of damage that is being done to the Gila under the radar (so to speak). I went to a Fish and Game meting in Silver some time ago and there was somebody smart making a presentation about what happens when a mom mountain lion gets caught in a snare trap, which is still legal, by the way, in New Mexico. Not only is it a shitty way to die, the secondary deaths of the cubs she may have been nursing are goners, too. It’s these ancillary deaths that will happen in the Gila that concern me most.

These are not traceable deaths. Far from it. It is most likely that we will never know when or where they happen. But I think about this, for example: this sleek avenger flies at 200 feet above the tree line. It’s fast. It roars. It is deafening.And it scares the shit out of every living thing that is anywhere near it. Can you imagine the long term effect on bears not sleeping, or cougars trying to find mates, or elk at rut or thousands of other things that disturb and disrupt the natural way of living that has gone on for hundreds of thousands of years? Suddenly, cougars don’t how to be cougars, elk don’t know to be elk, and on and on. Once that web of natural behavior is broken we don’t know what ill happen, especially in one of the few remaining pockets of The Natural. My guess is that the wild animals will become just like zoo animals: neurotic, aggressive, insecure and fearful. They become foreign to themselves. They slowly go insane. They become, in a way, us.

So the USAF that, itself, is obsolete, and is destroying the wilderness with sound and fear. Done..I get it. They are doing this in the name of national security. They are defending the Constitution and our way of life. They are protecting ‘freedom’. They are, basically, continuing the business of Global Genocide while honing there skills flying above a pure wilderness all in the name of Peace.

If they really wanted to protect us they would be bombing 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. It is there that fetuses are now becoming‘dependents’ on a tax form, where coal is the fuel of choice for the future, and where, if we are not careful, the new Reich will be born.

The USAF is fighting a War on Squirrels. Because of this I shall enforce Nature’s Second Amendment: We reserve the right to arm bears.



 Author: msauber
PostPosted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 4:22 pm 
They slowly go insane. They become, in a way, us.


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