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 Author: rearnheart
PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, 2018 4:04 pm 
There is a note at the bottom of this essay. Skip the text here if you want to, but read the last lines, they are important.

Dearest Gila Community...we are in a state of emergency. Turn on your TV's, read your newspapers, listen to radio and talk to friends; we are in  a crisis that few could have imagined...but they have been imagined, and planned, and are now being put into action as I write. Holocausts have occurred at regular intervals in human history by Hitler and Stalin and yes, (US). We have not learned our lesson, or forgiveness, from Native America. We are guilty, we have sinned. But right now we must be granted temporary redemption. We are under siege, a slow, toad burning rise in the temperature of American democracy. Soon we will reach a boiling point and we, the toad, with quiet complacency, will scald to death while Donald Trump and his minions stoke the flames.
 Sometimes when I write on this Forum and others, I throw in a sugar pill to sweeten the reality of what’s happening. But not now. People of color are being incarcerated at our southern border. They are asylum seekers, mothers with children, those fleeing violence and murder in their home countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. The Trump administration says they are cover for getting MS 13 gang members into the US. And sometimes, they are. Since 2011, 56 out of 250,000 were found to have gang relations. Let me repeat: 56 out of 250,000 (according to WOLA. Advocacy for Human Rights In the Americas).
This invasion of our borders by ‘rapists, murderers and MS 13 gang members’ is used to justify the separation and incarceration of thousands of asylum seekers. These courageous people, fleeing unimaginable violence, are now being used as political hostages in Trump’s attempt to appease his base and blame the entire failed immigration policy on the Democrats. He wants the hostages to build His Wall. He wants the Democrats to build His Wall. He wants anybody but himself to turn his tantrum into reality. And when Central America sends its tired and hungry and its poor, all Trump wants to do is to build the Wall higher.

This dangerous threat to democracy is gaining speed. I saw the tent cities this morning on TV. Remember Jade Helm?; the Obama military exercise that sparked the conspiracy where thousands of Americans (mostly conservative, of course) would be arrested and imprisoned along our southern border? Well, guess what? Only the names have changed...and the victims.

A short time ago I read Tim Snyder’s 20 Lessons from the 21st Century, How to Survive Trunp’s America and I remember one thing that scared me so bad it stuck with me: Watch for the emergency. I wondered what form it would it would take. I wondered if I would recognize it if I saw it. I wonder if I am seeing it now.

Right now, we must be vigilant. We must insure that lies do not go unanswered; truth is not relative, evil has its nicest home in comfortable neighborhoods. We must be ready to act. Stay informed, stay connected to friends and neighbors. Understand, as best you can, the rapidly moving tragedy.

Nothing I have said here is original; this is info you can get from your television. But if you couldn’t, what then? What if there were no way to reach the great number of activists that live here, ones that share their experience, their skills, their courage, their time. We need community communication more than ever at this time of crisis and we are very, very fortunate to have our community radio, KURU (GMCR), and this Forum. Our newspapers don’t come close, but they are still essential.

So what I asking you to do is to support this Forum and KURU and the Democratic HQ on College with money or time or both. We must keep them alive at all costs. They may be our only lifeline when the times come for action.

GMCR.org. Write them, call Kyle. Check out the Administrator button on this page of the Forum. Hopefully, that will be Moses. Find an address, send him money. Find a Democratic candidate that you can support, work for them, send money, give time.


First they came for the children, but I said nothing…

It is time to say everything.

Resist. Peace.


 Author: Infodigger
PostPosted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:59 am 
Just want to say that everyone sees the issues facing us differently and that's fine with me. Everyone has a different part to play. Most days I can do close to nothing. Currently my main activity is creating a new website, barely begun, at https://episcopalborderlands.org/, which I'm working on with Father Paul Moore, priest at our Episcopal church here in Silver. We had this started before everything blew up about families recently.

BTW it's worth clicking through for a look at the photo on the top of the pages, of Father Paul, Pastor Sarah Guck, and a Mexican minister celebrating the eucharist in the middle of the Rio Grande. Love that picture!

Rosana Hart

 Author: mimbresgranny
PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2018 9:37 pm 
Thank you R.E., this is exactly correct. Yet, I would suggest it is TIME that is the most valuable gift.

At least this is true for political campaigns. It is a big job to try to contact every voter in our county or even to create teams to help contact those in the other counties where they have few volunteers. We have many worthy candidates who can use your time, each one is important to holding the line against the attack on our compassionate society.

Most organizations need volunteers to keep them operating because there isn't enough money to hire all the help needed. Since we are all working to protect our values, any one or two you might choose can make a substantial difference. One hour a week can be a big help. Most Silver Citians already know this but it is now time to stretch our reach a bit more.

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