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 Author: rearnheart
PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 12:46 pm 
I could be reading on the porch right now or having a third cup of coffee, but I’m not. I’m writing with a purpose that, if I’m successful, will convince you to send this piece to friends and foes alike. And for those who still feel that politics doesn’t matter anymore, please go plant your garlic before the first frost. Now would be good.

Vice President Biden has called me a ‘whiner’ because I am doing what President Obama has asked me to do, which is, to be exact, to hold his administration accountable. I am not upset by this. I’ve been called worse. And I clearly understand the victory of even moderate health care reform and college loan modification etc., but really guys, get a life. You sat out ‘cap and trade’, you sidestepped Guantanamo, you matriculated banking corruption, you positioned Vilshack to undermine agriculture reform and Ken Salazar to subvert real oil and gas oversight. I could make a list. At the top of that list would be your violation of Molly Ivins’ Rule-o Numero Uno: You have to dance with them that brung ‘ya. Why Number One Rule? Because when you ask for the political power to do much needed good for decades and then, by virtue of an unprecedented and truly historical candidate and campaign, you are awarded that power, you cannot then cave on the exercise of that political power with the whimpering excuses of ‘majorities’ and ‘political realities’ when your fetish for bi-partisanship and the cowardice of your own party led to many of your defeats. Come elections, one needs to think long and hard as to whether or not you deserve that much sought out power again.

As many others have, I have taken the time to think about this. It’s my obligation as a voting citizen. And you’ve heard the rationale before: To vote for the lesser of two evils isn’t really voting at all. If this were the past, I would have to say that that argument has some merit. But it isn’t. It’s the present, and the whiskers on the face of evil are as big as Canadian timbers and the eyes deep wells of hate brimmed damnation. It is the face of the Republican Tea Party, once a party with ideas and particular visions devoted to American ideals, it is now reduced to a party of cartoon violence and candidates molded around platforms of deception. It is a political party not fit to govern, and when honestly compared to the policies and possibilities of the Democratic alternative, pales in comparison.

We have a comparable choice in this election that has never been clearer. We can choose insanity, deception and violence or we can choose struggle, courage, and optimism. Even as a whiner, the choice is clear.

But with some caveats…

The Democratic Party has failed to reform itself in New Mexico. Ranked 7th in the most impoverished states index, New Mexico and the state Democratic Party was warned by those outside the state and within that Gov. Richardson was corrupt. His nepotism and vanity cost us dearly and costs us still in hamstringing Diane Denish from firing hundreds of political appointees and selling cushy jets and tearing down the political infrastructure of self-serving politicians like Manuel Lujan. This soiled condition may vault Palinesque politicians like Martinez and Pearce to victory, and if this happens, it would be a lesson well learned that the only reason to elect Ms. Denish, a facilitator to the cronyism, and her Lt. Governor, the former chair of the State Democratic Party, would be to perform the absolutely necessary task of scrubbing to the bones the people’s house.

But with these faults and crippling corruption, is the Democratic Party really any better choice than the Republican Tea Party? For me, the following was a strong influence.

You see his words on placards at Beck rallies, you see his face on banners at gun rights’ protests, you see Tim McVeigh with his quotes on a dirty t-shirt. Let’s talk about the hero of the American Revolution and the Republican Tea Party, their patriotic man of the hour, the man whose values and ideas are the very foundation of both America and the Tea Party. Let’s talk Thomas Jefferson. And let’s talk hypocrisy.

ON PERSONAL FREEDOM: There is nothing more antithetical to personal freedom than slavery. Jefferson owned, traded and sold hundreds of slaves during his lifetime (and we’ll leave Sally Heming out of it), yet the Republican Tea Party (hereafter the RTP) is perfectly comfortable with slavery. Just yours, not theirs.

ON THE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT: A huge, contentious issue for the RTP that fails to acknowledge that Jefferson not only doubled the size of the country but doubled the size of government in the process.

ON GOVERNMENT SPENDING: The cost of the Louisiana Purchase was $15,000,000, an astronomical sum at the time and way more than the budget of the entire country. It was a fiscal debt that burdened the country for years yet proved to be one of our smartest moves ever, at least if you were white and rich.

ON RACE: Over and over again we are told that the gripes of the RTP aren’t about race, yet the hero of their distorted revolution was quite clear on his opinion of ‘negroes’ as inferior to ‘whites’ in his only treatise, Notes on Virginia.

ON FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: Jefferson died hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Spending sprees on wine, scientific instruments, and books left his estate destitute to the point of selling Monticello. To repay a portion of his debt, he sold off the house slaves that had been his personal caregivers since he was a child.

Do you see a pattern emerging? Like what they say isn’t exactly what they would do? And this genie of lies that has been unleashed in the echo-sphere of conservative, corporate media that has come to dominate the national conversation, things like ObamaCare and death panels and Victory Mosques and birth certificates, they all form a tightly woven fabric of deceit that has transcended Orwellian. Now, it’s truly Rovian.

So when I see this abuse of history, this rash and inappropriate use of a snippet of American history, I see Commie Red. And when I see them use any lie of their creation to confuse, misdirect, or purely deceive the American electorate, I see people who would use any means possible to garner political power for the sake of power, I see the most un-American of revolutions. I see the Republican Tea Party. And I see the most sophisticated of smokescreens ever: The hiding of a totalitarian corporate takeover of the United States with the ranting blame of others as having that same purpose. ‘They want to deny us our freedoms!’, they cry, while readying the next Patriotic Act in the wings.

I hope you vote starting next week. I hope that Bill McKibben is wrong in saying climate change is irreversible. I hope that Democrats purge themselves of their own corruption. I hope voters can tell the difference between democracy and mobocracy. I hope that, with wind at our back, we can cross this sea of confusion we have been confronted with and reach some shore of peace and sanity. In the end…
I hope.

Si se puede.


 Author: Anne
PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 6:51 pm 
Bravo, Richard, Bravo! Everybody please vote --

 Author: rearnheart
PostPosted: Tue Oct 05, 2010 11:16 am 
I love this line from Gladiator where Maximus declares, "What we do in this life echoes in eternity." But there's a twist. What we also do not do can echo just as long.

Below is a communication from Stephen Fox, renowned historian and local writer. I wanted to plug this in to this Forum in the hopes that some kind of communication, some kind of dialogue, some kind of wake-up realization can be initiated from this community because if we don't get jacked up and start getting ourselves, our neighbors, our families to the polls for the Nov. elections we could get thrown back to the veritable Bush Age of major stupid.

I miss the benchmark of bullshit that the occasional commentary from the Tea Party bunch posted on this forum because it usually displayed their sheer booberie in spades. And we need to look at that right about now lest we forget that they could attain political power just at a time when we are truly most vulnerable. They are going to own this election with monies unheard of in politics before (Meg Whitman to the tune of $110,000,000 just for governor of California!) and that's happening all over the country with hidden corporate donations by virtue of the Citizen's United Supreme Court verdict.

Lest we forget, the Republican Tea Party never met a war it didn't like and a social program it did. Lest we forget, it has taken over forty years to actualize Social Security and Medicare in the form we know today, and nothing would make the RTP happier than to junk it all. Minimum wage? Fugetaboutit. Not constitutional, they say. Government 'handouts' in the form of grants? DOA they say (can you imagine what this community would be like without that lifeline?). Blocking the inquiry of British Petroleum while marine scientists declare a 40 fold increase in carcinogens in gulf ocean water. And all this, my good friends, is just the tip of the iceberg of their agenda.

And while I may rail against the violation of the principles and some of the personalities of the Democratic Party, make no mistake, my job is to hold them accountable while supporting their agenda because the alternative is all too clear.

So while we think that we might be insulated from their ill wills by going 'local' on as many fronts as possible, let me assure you that there is absolutely no disconnect from the national and the politics that is practiced there. Should Democrats be voted out of power this November, a reign of Dumbass unprecedented in our history will kick in.

I shouldn't say that.

The last 'unprecedented' reign of Dumbass ended in 2008.

How soon we forget that those years, too, echo in our eternity.


 Author: rearnheart
PostPosted: Tue Oct 05, 2010 11:16 am 

This is heartfelt and largely true, but there's no recognition here of Obama's truly historic achievements.
He's had one of the most significant first-two-years of any president ever, comparable to those of LBJ and FDR. Various presidents ever since Theodore Roosevelt have been TALKING about national health care for a century, but Obama (and Emanuel, Pelosi, and Reid) actually got it done. It ain't perfect, but it's a start, and if Democrats can only recognize what they've got here it will be improved in future years.
Even now, most polls still say that most Americans still properly blame Bush for the economic crisis, and that is surely true. Dubya was the most harmful president ever--even worse than Buchanan, and that's going some--so poor Obama's essential task has been to clean up Bush's manifold messes. Undoing Bush, fixing Bush--like a gigantic poop patrol. We all have our disagreements with this administration, but to dwell on them instead of the threats represented by the yahoo right wing seems self-indulgent and irrelevant to me. Arguments like yours do not, in the end, encourage Democrats to get out and vote, and Democrats are usually lazy and inattentive about that little detail.
The Tea Party loons have actually become our best hope. They are this year's version of the Naderites of 2000, so blinded by their tunnel-visioned, echo-chambered zeal that they wind up hurting their own cause.
I have to say that your statement raises Nader-like echoes to me, and that ain't good.
Peace be witrh us all,
Steve Fox

 Author: maureengav
PostPosted: Wed Oct 06, 2010 11:01 am 
I just had to reply and THANK YOU for your message and for the message from Stephen Fox. I get so depressed by the pervasive tea-partiers and conservatives, that I sometimes feel like I'm alone in the wilderness and fear for our collective futures. Yes, I will go out and vote. A loyal Democrat and PROUD OF IT. Yes, let's all remember the huge mess of turds that Bush left us, and the noble efforts by the Obama Administration to do right by the American people. Amen.

 Author: jef
PostPosted: Wed Oct 06, 2010 11:33 am 
In his presentation on the stars last week, Gary Emerson, local astronomer and former NASA scientist, mentioned that ALL the satellites and equipment sending us information and images from space, including the Hubbel telescope, cost the equivalent of paying for 6 weeks of the current war.

That certainly put it into perspective!

If there is even the slimmest hope of the US existing other than as a third world slave pen for the few wealthy in power, we have got to stop war, now. We are being bled dry for war, that profits a few, while the needs of children, environment, infrastructure, etc. are ignored.

I'm not seeing an end to war under this administration, but I see a much worse alternative with a GOP future.

So yes, I'll vote, and for the Democrats.


 Author: rearnheart
PostPosted: Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:11 pm 
As of today, Teague is down by 3% below Pearce, who, by the way, declared to a woman on September 30 in an open forum that he believes Barack Obama should show his birth certificate and that are 'some issues' with his presidency.

Heard this before, have we? The comment I like best I heard on Chris Matthews which was something to the effect of 'If the Baggers win in the House and Senate, it will make the Star Wars bar look sane'.

God help us.

I voted today. Don't delay. Please, please, please make sure that your apolitical, unpolitical, postpolitical friends don't sit this one out.

Thanks for your continuing commentary and I hope someone will blog about their voting experience.

Do not let us go into that good night, but rage, rage against the dying of the light.-(from D. Thomas)


 Author: rearnheart
PostPosted: Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:41 pm 
Democrats are as confused as Colonel Clink’s German shepherd, Greta. They can’t seem to get a grasp on their own accomplishments, much less articulate the disastrous consequences of a Republican victory in November.

Young people don’t think that this election is going to affect them somehow. Very big wrong. The Republican Tea Party agenda is to raise the retirement age, cut benefits for the elderly, shrink only the government they don’t like (like Education, EPA, Justice) but not the arm of government that they approve of (like the Military, their real bosses). And Wall Street and the Big Banks? All I can say is that if you liked the Great Recession, stay tuned.

Oh, but it’s all about debt and Big Government, you say. Bad! Very Big Bad. So let me say this about debt: Without it, we wouldn’t exist. That’s right, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. This country was born with a loan from the Dutch (500,000 guilders, to be exact, through John Adams), and doubled in size by the Louisiana Purchase ($15,000,000 that almost broke the country), and WWII Savings Bonds that ramped our debt to 128% of GDP, and we still had the greatest economic boom in history, so how come we’re so afraid of debt exactly? Because Glenn Beck says we should be. So there. Cower for a minute and then get over it.

What bugs me is that folks here in this audience that get money,or are somehow the end user recipient of state or federal money, are not banging trash can lids to get out the vote for Democrats this cycle. And yes, I know about your 501-c3 status and yes, I’m aware of the non-partisan requirements, but Jeez Louise, you better find a way around that or you’re going to join millions of others in that Great Unemployment Line in the Sky and your supporters and people who are truly dependent on your programs are going to be kaputsky.

I cannot stress enough that whatever majority holds the Congress is going to re-shape America from the polluted ground up. Green jobs and research will fall victim to Climate Change deniers. Wind and solar projects will be shelved by backroom pressure from Big Oil. Are you a teacher? Can you use a shovel? This may be the option offered to you. And health care? As simplistic and as shallow as it is, the Republican Tea Party’s Health Care plan may be all that’s left when the smoke clears. Remember their plan? Three words: Don’t Get Sick.

This isn’t hyperbolic speculation on my part. Read Joe Miller’s crap or Rand Paul’s dysentery diatribes, or check out the gay bashing in the New York governor’s race. This may be outside of the Silver City bubble but let’s be clear: Whatever happens in DC doesn’t stay in DC. It mission creeps downward until the racist, juvenile, ignorant rantings of the intellectually unwashed become the policy and law of the United States.

There isn’t much time left. Write. Call. E-mail. Walk. Discuss. Contribute. Challenge. Anything! Just don’t sit it out and then pop a cork on a good whine when the shit hits the fan and your jobs and you hopes and your future are relegated to the dustbin of history. Do not hide behind your spirituality and toss fairy dust wishing for a desired outcome.

Haul water, chop wood. Truth requires effort for effect.


 Author: Jill Steidl
PostPosted: Thu Oct 28, 2010 7:53 pm 
I just watched last night's Daily Show with Jon Stewart, whose guest was President Obama, and it was worth watching. Good questions, humerous and unflinchingly pointed. But Jon is always good, so no surprise there. I was pleasantly suprised at the way Obama was able to bring across the sense that these last two years have not been the total debacle they are painted as by many on both sides. And he did it with some grace, and without whining :) very much about congress or wimpy democrats and rabid republicans.

It can be watched on www.fancast.com, though I'm sure you can find it on other sites as well.

happy voting,

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