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 Author: rearnheart
PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, 2011 6:01 pm 
Oh my God! Oh my God!!! Jesus on a dinosaur!! Steve Pearce was in Silver on Saturday and all the retarded red necks in Grant County came to drink his….Cool Aid!! I don’t mean to insult actual retarded people with acute disabilities by using a reference in the same sentence to Grant County Tea Bagger Red Necks, but it was necessary.

First let me not apologize for not being there. Five minutes in the presence of such intense stupidity is like a dog year to me and I can’t handle it. I explode with unabashed Tourettes, and not just against the Mouth Breathing unwashed in attendance at meetings such as that but also at local Democrats who stand by and let local boy judges appoint their children to positions otherwise held by say, qualified people who compete for such jobs. In other words, local politics is too corrupt to hold an interest for me anymore. Maybe even CD 2 for that matter.

But I digress….

The Pearce thing…oh yeah. A salute to Janet Wallet-Ortiz who had more balls than all the NRA pucker suckers who came to sing Steve-O’s praises. She got a nod in the press. God speed. But the reason I am so compelled to stop watching the coverage of the Pacheco fire is this: I watched a snippet of an interview with the Dalai Lama the other day and he was asked something like the following: Why didn’t you rise up against the Chinese when they invaded Tibet? His answer: War Is Obsolete. That’s it. War Is Obsolete. So I thought if war is obsolete, then politics must be obsolete as well, right? One breeds the other…

But I’m wrong. Almost. To modify and expand: Politics is both obsolete AND necessary. That was driven home by the article in the Sun News describing the Pearce event. The quotes I read regarding what was said at the event prove two things for me. One is that abortion is a good thing and it’s too bad more mothers of those in attendance hadn’t given it more consideration and two, that perhaps everything they are saying about evolution is true. Maybe it isn’t happening (or has happened) because thoughts like “getting rid of the EPA and ATF” are thoughts reflective of a lesser organism. Not human. More Republican. Truly less evolved.

And when I read about “humans being declared an endangered species” instead of wolves and minnows, that was wretch bucket time. I didn’t read about folks passing around jars of water from a fracking site or big cherry flavored containers of Monsanto ™ Round Up, but I guess that was at the cast party. They didn’t want Big Government to protect them from those poisons they truly enjoy. For these folks are pure entertainment. They are not real. They are not fit to govern even their own concerns, because they have not learned the first and most basic lesson of self government: You Cannot Lie Your Way Out Of Anything (sic Anthony Wiener, I rest my case.)

Pollution won’t disappear because you say it doesn’t exist. Climate change won’t miraculously morph into a ‘scheme’ because you deny it. Health care won’t fix itself because you give up trying to make it better. Toxic dumps won’t sprout unicorns and glitter all by themselves. Medicare will only bankrupt America if you fund wars with our money instead of healthcare. Nursing home patients and income challenged Americans (formerly mortgage holders and 401 K investors) will only live in shopping carts and cardboard boxes if we choose to fund aircraft carrier groups and rail guns instead of funding compassion. In short, the Republican Party (in general) and Steve Pearce (in particular) can consult my legal counsel, Hugh Blowme, to acquire a clearer report on where they can shove what shouldn’t be shoved where the sun never has shown nor ever will. I cannot and will not hide my disdain for the intellectually defective, morally undeveloped, conspiratorially infused and hypnotically delusional members of this or any other community who choose stupidity over fact and beliefs over simple arithmetic. They suck their own toes, and I am revolted.

I can’t say that railing against Mr. Pearce (whom I shall refer to henceforth as ‘Dick’) actually does any good. ‘Dick’ is unimpressed with your opinions, whatever they are, if they stand in opposition to his own sock puppet rhetoric. So knowing that ‘Dick’ is a lost cause, where do you put your energy? How about on a candidate that has a chance to win like Eric Griego, a Progressive Democrat from up north that can counterbalance ‘Dick’s’ vote in the House. Your liberal representation in CD 2 is a lost cause. But a strategic counter balance is a reasonable check on the damage ‘Dick’ can do to the world.

This, is politics.

Think it over.

Silver C

 Author: charmin
PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 9:40 am 
How do I entirely unsubscribe from this website????

 Author: Pat W
PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:30 am 
Somebody help me!! I am soooo confused! I heard a snippit on the "lamestream" media that NM was going to help the ranchers because of drought conditions. So I Googled "help for NM ranchers because of the drought", and one link really stood out at me..........
"The Westerner- PIERCE seeks FEDERAL assistance for NM ranchers".
Hence, my confusion. I thought all the Republican, right-wing, tea bagger types didn't want any more government "interference", or entitlements, or whatever you want to call them....no wonder the ranchers love their Pierce. The Farm Service Agency has spent $5 million dollars since March, for assistance for ranchers, for feed for cattle and for growers of other crops. And, they expect to spend $20 million in assistance this year.
Oh, I get it........no government programs or entitlements or welfare for everyone else!

I can feel the stampede of them running to line up at the trough!

 Author: rearnheart
PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 12:09 pm 
Sometimes I get the question: “What the hell are you thinking?” or, even better, “How did you get this way?” Due to the popularity of the question, I will endeavor to give a succinct answer.

I did a lot of plays in high school, Shakespeare, Spoon River, that sort of thing. I got noticed. A director at Southern Methodist University enlisted me to work in several plays as an understudy at the Bob Hope Theater while still in high school. Mr. Hope, it seems, was kidnapped by some enthusiastic students as a prank at a point early on in his career. This endeared the university to Mr. Hope (today, those enthusiastic students would be arrested) and he gave a lot of money to the school. Some of that money went for a Bob Hope Theater. Some of it went for a Bob Hope Scholarship in Acting. I got that scholarship.

Not too long after that, my very pregnant sister was smothered to death by a US Marine who happened to be her husband. Sometime after his trial, the term PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) was invented and, in an unrelated event, America sharply escalated our involvement in Viet Nam.

Unluckily for me, Mr. Hope was visiting the Bob Hope Theater at SMU and doing some USO routine for the students and taking questions from the audience like “Would you please come to our house for dinner?” and “What do you think of those hippie, anti-war cowards?” Stuff like that.

And then there was me.

Not feeling very patriotic and being a little…let’s say angry is a starting point, I decided to ask Mr. Hope a question. The news had a lot of stories about how desperate the North Vietnamese were, so desperate in fact, that they were sending children out to fight our soldiers in the villages. So I thought about this and raised my hand and innocently asked Bob Hope, in the middle of the Bob Hope Theater, holding the Bob Hope Scholarship, if he would shoot a 10 year old gun toting child over a difference in politics.

If there was a next flight out I was supposed to be on it. Needless to say, my popularity plummeted. My college funding spontaneously combusted, I was escorted out, way out, and presumably left for dead. But I didn’t die. Instead, I got a menial job at Warner Brothers in Hollywood, and worked there for a while helping to shape the future we are all living out by keeping Gene Roddenberry sloshed in scotch and hash. (Note: DeForest Kelly was really creepy but Jimmy Doohan was a great guy). It was interesting to a point, and that point was quickly reached.

I have made it a point in my life to try and not tolerate nor hide from the really, really huge injustices of the world. It’s cost me a lot. Living as I do in the midst of what has become a real bottom feeding bastion of the unbelievably stupid Conservative Right, I feel like I’m standing in the Bob Hope Theater a lot these days. I am not popular. I don’t care about being liked. I don’t care about party affiliation. What I do care about is the Truth, or at least, what passes for the closest thing you can get to it. And I’m really tired of playing nice in the face of horrifying, committed belligerence and hypocrisy.

Maybe it’s possible to meditate our way out of this. Maybe another cheek needs to be turned. Maybe more guns are the answer (just kidding on this one, in case you wondered). Go green. Go for the gold. Go to Hell in a Hand Basket. Pray for the Rupture. I don’t know the answer. But I do know that cowering behind any convenient excuse for non-involvement is a death sentence. Courage, unselfish, boundless courage in the face of overwhelming conditions, must become the norm.

We are all in the Bob Hope Theater now. Find your voice and raise it till your face goes red. I didn’t stop a war. I didn’t bring my sister back. I didn’t do much of anything except cause a lot of grief. But I really did piss off someone with a lot of power in America. I stopped him in his tracks. I made him reflect in public on the personal horrors of war. And I have to tell you, it felt fucking fantastic.

Silver C

 Author: jef
PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 1:00 pm 
There is only one endangered species that needs protection, and needs it desperately; LIFE on planet earth.
I stopped being amazed by it a while back, that there are humans old enough and smart enough to be given a driver's license
who still do not understand that eliminating one part of the whole endangers the whole organism, and earth is one large organism.


Richard's style may be a little (?) too in your face for some people, but polite chit chat hasn't made much of a dent in the
average person's ability to ignore our situation, so I salute, cheer, and thank him for his ability to be publicly & vociferously outraged.


 Author: charmin
PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 5:48 pm 
If Rearnheart is so passionate about what's wrong with this nation, why doesn't he run for public office to shake things up a bit rather than constantly complain?

 Author: Jill Steidl
PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 8:05 am 

Is there a specific issue you have with Richard's latest column? If so, that would be something you could write. Otherwise you are just complaining about his complaining.


 Author: jef
PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 9:08 am 
Or, just stop reading the Forum.

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